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Eric Eiselhauser thinks the big Sports game arena isn't very safe. There's no railings in the stands, and there isn't nearly enough security employed to stop an incident. He has decided to run out onto the field to protest! Too bad he left his pants at home...

Xyz is a streaking action game. Run around the arena and wave your sign in front of the cameras, then get out of there!

WASD or Left Joystick to Move

Waggle the stick or mash the buttons to throw guards off you before they deplete your stamina.

Dance in front of all the cameras and escape to complete your run.

Created for Sagamedev X. Theme: Critical Omission


Xyz-Win32-1.0.0.zip 24 MB
Xyz-Mac-1.0.0.zip (Untested) 26 MB
Xyz-Linux-1.0.0.zip (Untested) 27 MB