A downloadable game for Windows

Word of warning, this one was a pain to build in Unity 5 and is kind of a hot mess. I managed to play all the way to the end though, so it's still playable.

Also, in order to complete to the game you have to walk down a very narrow alleyway in the second area behind the two buildings. It can take some work to wedge your character in there. :<

SleepKnight is a 3D Adventure game where your inventory consists of French Vocabulary words, developed for SaGamedev VIII in July of 2013 with a theme of "Subversive Edutainment". (We messed up the subversive part) All NPCs speak french, so you have to collect words through contextual clues. You can also construct simple sentences in order to tell certain characters to do things. It turns out adventure games take a lot of work! We ended up completing two areas by the deadline, along with a special minigame to close it out.


SleepKnight.zip 28 MB